Please Donate: You can work with us in different ways.

A specific  amount is given for each need. However a donor can give any amount. You can meet the need with other donors.

  • Donate Rs.400 or 6$ a month to send a child living with HIV AIDS or vulnerable & children at risk to school or Rs.4800 or 78$ a year.
  • Donate Rs.2000 or 31$ annually to get a poor child admitted in the school
  • Donate Rs. 2000 or 31$ annually to provide uniforms to a poor child
  • Donate Rs. 1500 or 26$ annually to provide text books for a poor child
  • Donate Rs.6500 or 100$ towards one month salary of a teacher. Poor students can go to school without school fees.
  • Donate Rs.4000 or 62$ to buy a piglet for a poor and disadvantaged family
  • Donate a sum of Rs.15000 or 230$ towards rehabilitation of crops of flood and landslide victims of 2015.
  • Donate Rs.100000 or 1538$ for construction of a low cost shelter for a family affected by flood, landslide and earthquake of 2015 & 2016.