1. To enhance knowledge and skills of the disadvantaged communities and families through PRA and continue interactions on issues confronting them so that they will be able to plan and develop their own sustainable initiatives.
2. To promote and develop agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, medicinal plants farming for providing alternative to shifting / Jhoom cultivation for preservation and regeneration of environment
3. To establish facilities like schools, child care centres, colleges, hostels, training centre/institutes, hospitals, nursing schools, clinics, orphanage, old aged homes etc for community access
4. To give financial support to school fees, uniforms, text books of orphans, poor and vulnerable children
5. To promote and improve tribal handicrafts, tribal artistic textiles, jewellery crafts, bamboo & wood crafts etc.
6.To organize workshops, seminars, camps to promote spiritual, moral, family values amongst the children, youths and families.
7.To organize, coordinate and raise funds for disaster relief and rehabilitation programmes
8. To promote and revive traditional and cultural practices like folk songs, folk lore, dances, costumes’ etc. to preserve cultural & traditional practices.
9. To mobilize resources- funds & materials from churches, public, corporate, government, non-governmental organizations and foreign donors to support the community initiatives for sustainable livelihood.