We are implementing North East Region Community Resource Management Project (NERCORMP III) a joint developmental initiative of the North Eastern Council (NEC), Ministry of Development of North East Region and International Fund for Agricultural Development (FAD). The project aims to “improve the livelihoods of vulnerable groups in a sustainable manner through improved management of their resources base in a way that contributes to the preservation and restoration of the environment”.

We help the rural villages to plan and develop the natural resources and government resources to increase livelihood opportunities. We provide financial support for plantation of pumpkins, Ash gourds, bottle gourd, poultry, piggery, weaving, carpentry etc to 1200 vulnerable families from 40 villages.

We also implemented System of Rice Intensification(SRI) supported by Tata Trust, Mumbai. We supported 400 farmers. By adopting the method, there was increased of 40 to 50%  in productions.

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