1. Knowledge and Skills Enhancement Activities: Planning and developing communities’ natural resources, and sensitization on social security schemes through participatory Appraisal (PRA) and consultations.
  2. Education: school, support to orphans & vulnerable children at risks
  3. Livelihood: support for agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fishery, non-farm like weaving, carpentry etc.
  4. HIV AIDS: Supported children living with or affected by HIV-AIDS with school fees, nutrition, medical and emotional. Sensitization and counseling assistance
  5. Youth Programme: Booth camp where children are taught building construction masonry skills, leadership training, tract distribution,
  6. Early childhood education and Care: Established Koinonia Kids school as a centre for Wholistic development of a child.
  7. Disaster and Rehabilitation: Involvement in fire, flood, earthquake and landslide disaster.
  8. Environment: Awareness on preservation and regeneration of forests, river life and animal. Environment is integrated in other projects. We are planning to take fish Chakpi river & animals sanctuaries.