1. Churches Project on Substance Abuse and HIV AIDS supported by Tear fund, UK is one of the best practices. Churches had stigma and discrimination against Drug dependants and People Living with HIV AIDS saying “drug dependants must be excommunicated from church membership because they will relapse ever and People living with HIV AIDS must be suspended from church membership because they are infected from immoral behavior. But now churches came together and are sending evangelist to them.
  2. Another best practice is promotion of Gender and women empowerment integrated in different projects supported by RGVN Guwahati, Canadian High Commission, Delhi, EED, Germany and North East Region Community Resource Management Project of Government of India where 132 SHGs are formed and women leaderships are given in the traditional village institutions like village Authorities, tribal apex bodies and village Development Committees i.e NaRMGs.
  3. Participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA) and Participatory Learning and Actions(PLA) tools were used where village issues and problems were identified and a village Development committees like village coordination committees and Natural Resource Management Groups were formed in our project villages. They are strengthened to plan and develop their own resources. Increasing livelihood opportunities.