Christian Social Development Organization (CSDO) is a voluntary Christian Agency founded by a like minded group of persons under the leadership of Rev.SR.Onesima as founding President, Rev.RD.Joykumar Anal as founding Secretary and Miss RD.Melody as Treasurer for transformation of disadvantaged communities and families irrespective of religion, caste, creed, color etc. It is registered under Manipur state society registration Act,7(1) of 1989 bearing no.192 of 1991 and Foreign Contribution regulation (Act),1976 bearing no. 194180015 of 1992 under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. It is also registered under section 12A of Income tax Act,1961.

It is a society of 54 members drawn from church, farming community, artisans and sympathizers. They form the General Body of the society. It is the final authority to approve or reject the planning, budget and policies of the management committee. It also hears and approves activity and financial reports. There are 9 members of the management committee consisting of 4:5 or 5:4 male-female ratio. They are responsible for making important decisions, plans, policies, rules and regulations of the society. It also look after, manage and supervise the functioning of society and its projects through a team of experienced and efficient staff. The planning is done from bottom to the top like from community to Staff then to Management Committee and General Body.

The society has a financial system for transparent and accountable management of its funds. The management committee utilizes the funds as per approved by the General Body. The staff utilize funds as per the allocation of the management committee. The accounts are maintained as per the financial norms of book keeping. The accounts department prepares financial statement every month and internal audit is done once in every three months. The annual audit is done by the chartered Accountant. Half yearly audit is done as per the requirement of the donors/funders.

Our Core Values:

1. We take the life and work of our Lord Jesus Christ centre to our ministry.

2. We pledge to practice Christian principles in our life and work daily. He fed the poor, he healed the broken heart, blind, the lame and released the oppressed. So we want to imitate Him.

3 .We believe the effectiveness of our ministry depend on accountability, transparency, responsibility, commitment, trust, team work etc.

4. We enjoy working and networking with other like minded people and organizations.